Nieuwsbrief politie

8 januari 2019 - Manggis, Indonesië

Deze brief is geschreven door het hoofd van politie in Manggis vooR onze hulp aan de kinderen in Manggis. Deze brief wordt gestuurd naar het hoofd van politie in Amlapura en in Denpasar 🙊☺️......... (mijn naam is wel ineens beetje anders 🙄)....:

For Harkamtibmas in the assisted village, Bhabinkamtibmas village of Antiga Karangasem Police Manggis Police Sector accompanied by 2 Dutch people visited the homes of Orphans.

Bali Regional Police Headquarters Karangasem District Police Manggis,

To maintain the guided village Kamtibmas it is conducive, today is Monday, January 7, 2019, at 11.00 a.m., until 12:15 a.m., Bhabinkamtibmas village of Antiga Aiptu I Nyoman Disa, together with Head of Antiga I Wayan Madra Arsana SE, Pk Br. Kaler I Wayan Mara, Accompanying 2 Dutch foreign guests, husband and wife, an. Rob Koster and Eletta Kostor's wife from the Netherlands who were escorted by Bripka I Wayan Putra and Nyonya, visited I Nengah Retu orphans, 60 years old odd jobs have 3 grandchildren as follows: : I Putu Yoga and I Kadek Yogi, 10 years old twins sit in the 4th grade of elementary school, and Ni Komang Ulan, age 6.5 years, not yet in school, address Banjar Kaler Desa Antiga. The purpose of the guests' visit was to be a gathering and surve of the poor orphans who really needed help, this time only to check their condition and then to send these children to the Taman Busana village in Gegelang to shop.

On this occasion Bhabin expressed his gratitude for his participation to pay attention and provide his assistance to our truly incapable community members who desperately need a helping hand from donations and observers who want to help him.
Seriously running smoothly, sir.

Salam Tribrata
Bhabin Antiga.

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